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Since 2007, over 700 Foreign-Trained Registered Nurses and Graduate Nurses with Pending License “GPL” had registered to my nursing program and the success rate is 95%. Here are just a few testimonies from our NEW Quebec Registered Nurses...

On OIIQ March exam 2011, one of my student finished 7th on 1129 registered for the examination. See her testimony below

Dear Myrna, I just got my result, I passed!!! Thank you very much!!!
I really appreciate your help, you are such a wonderful teacher, keep in touch and have a nice 2015.

Lulu, McGill University

  September Exam 2014

Hi Myrna, thanks I passed.
I do appreciate your help. Without you I would not have had the structure and discipline and I wouldn't even know where to start. I am just so glad that I passed and it's behind me!!!

Trinity, Mcgill University

  September exam 2014

Hi Myrna,
I just want to let u know that I passed and thank you for all your help and support. I couldn't have done it without you!!

Sonal, Downson College

  September exam 2014

Thank you very much Myrna, I passed !!!

Mohini, John Abbott College

  September exam 2014

Hi Myrna, Thanks for your support I passed my exam!!!

Anoosomah, John Abbott College

  September exam 2014

Hi Myrna!!
Good news for me. I passed. Thank you so much for all your help!!

Vince, John Abbott College

  September exam 2014

Hi Myrna, good news.
I passed the OIIQ exam. Thanks a lot for your precious support and pieces of advice during the course you gave us.

Premilia, John Abbott College

  September exam 2014

Hi Myrna,
I just wanted to thank you and your team for the tutoring you provided to us. I passed the OIIQ exam. Thank you very much Myrna, you're the best! I'm so relieved, happy, and excited! I can't contain my emotions.
God bless you!

Nancy, Cree Nation in Mistassini

  March exam 2013

Dear Myrna,
You showed me the right path, to travel toward success. Finally, I passed the professional examination of the OIIQ. Thank you to reach the heights!

Farahnaz, John Abbott College

  September exam 2013

Hi Myrna,
I passed my OIIQ exam thanks to all your help!! Couldn't be happier!

Sarah, Champlain College

  September exam 2013

Hi Myrna,
I got my result yesterday evening.
I am very happy to give you the news I passed the exam. I would like to say thank you very much.
You are a great teacher for preparing us for the exam. I got a lot of knowledge from you, especially for the Osce's.
Thanks again, best regards,


  September Exam 2012

Hi Myrna,
I PASSED >>>>>>
Thanks for everything,


  September Exam 2012

Myrna! I GOT 7TH IN QUEBEC!!!!
Thanks for all your help Myrna, I really appreciate it.


  March Exam 2011

Hi dear Myrna
I passed my exam with your guidance. Thanks a lot for everything.

Sincerely, Nahid

  March Exam 2011

Hi Myrna, just to send you my heartfelt THANK YOU for the nursing
review you had with us. Personally it was a big big help for me.


  March Exam 2011

Hi Myrna, you are such a blessing. Thank you so much for all the
help. I know deep in my heart that your solid dedication and
perseverance will mean success to each and everyone and I am
thankfull and blessed that I am one.


  March Exam 2011

Dear Myrna,
I am e-mailing you to say thank you so much for your help as well
as all the other teachers who had helped me passed the exam. So I
did it, I passed.....thank you. I don't know how I can thank you
all guys. Pls tell them, my deepest gratitude.


  March Exam 2009

Thanks for the wonderful job done by you and the teacher,
I deeply appreciate your efforts and encouragements.
I hope you are able to have some rest now.


  March Exam 2008